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Pricing is different at Cook Shack, but we feel this is the most accurate, true, and fair way for us to serve you, our potential customer. As you will notice there are no prices posted, this is because to give you an accurate price we need as many details as you can provide. No 2 events are the same, from location to menu to how you want your meal served, all of these are factors that weigh heavily on your final cost. In your initial contact we will ask you to fill out our information sheet, we understand things may change but be as accurate as you can, so when we provide you with our quote there is no confusion or surprises later down the road. When you receive a quote from Cook Shack, you can rest assured that the pricing was built specifically for your event, we don't use cookie-cutter pricing, we prefer to honestly and fairly price your event; this also allows you to freely adapt our vast menu to your preferences. If we were to provide ballpark quotes as we have been asked in the past, we would have to build all pricing possibilities into your quote.

We also would have to add charges for anything that isn't priced by default, so you wouldn't get a true picture of the cost until after your event. The last thing we want to do is to cause stress to our customers by sending them a bill for extras when they weren't expecting it.

While our process is a little more time-consuming on the front end, in the long run, it will save time, money, and potential confusion. Our quotes are all-inclusive for your event, based on the information sheet, we have no hidden fees.


Just for reference here is a listing of typical items covered in your catering quote:

  • All menu items, beverages, ice, bread, reflections dinnerware (unless real dishes are being used)
  • All servers
  • Set-up
  • Breakdown
  • Venue fees
  • Mileage
  • Food delivery
  • All insurance cost - for Cook Shack, venue, or location your event is at
  • All applicable taxes

Please note: Bar services are quoted independently and are listed as a separate line item on the quote.

We hope this information is helpful in your consideration of using Cook Shack Catering. At any time during the process you have questions please feel free to reach out to us by email or phone.

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